Flying 45 ranch Livestock

Here on the Flying 45 we maintain a small herd of black angus-cross cattle, to provide high quality, all natural beef for our family, and produce the occasional steer for our kids to show at the county fair, but mostly? Just because we LOVE cattle. They give us a reason to diversify our horse training operation and each member of our 25-head herd are known by name and are like members of our family, several were raised as bottle calves and we built our herd almost cow-by-cow over the past ten years. We breed for uniformity, calving ease and sound minds in our cattle herd and more than half of the herd belongs to our children. 

We also purchase several pigs each year for the kids to show, and to fill the freezer. It's never easy getting to know an animal you plan to butcher, but we believe wholeheartedly in raising our children to know where their food comes from, and to keep very strong ties to our land and our food cycle. 

We are so thankful to have been able to hold onto our small herd when other small family farms were having to sell out due to the recent drought. That's thanks only to some very special people that God placed in our lives, mostly our hay man, who could have sold our hay to others for three times what he charged us, several winters in a row. The only thing greater than living a life close to the land is having people on your side that understand your struggles and pitch in to help you hold on. God Bless our fellow farmers and thank you to everyone that supports local agriculture.