Travis Smith, Professional Farrier

Serving central missouri for 23 years!

Travis Smith is trained and experienced in hot and cold shoeing, as well as therapeutic and corrective shoeing. He specializes in performance horses and has worked closely with many area veterinarians and equine specialists on horses that require special care. 

He chose his profession based on his love for the animals and it shows. After decades at his craft, and as a horseman competing at a professional level, Travis has developed a distinct ability to understand the dynamic articulation of the hoof in relation to the shoe, the rider, and the discipline the horse is routinely used for. He's equally as skilled at providing care for that older, retired horse in the pasture that you just want to keep comfortable. Due to his close work with many different top tier veterinarians he is considered a lameness expert and has proven time and again that he's the guy to call when you need your competition horse sound and ready for competition. He's honored to be given a high level of trust by some extremely knowledgeable professional horsemen and returns the favor with steadfast commitment to each of his loyal clients.