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We are often asked about freeze branding! We do offer freeze branding services as time and distance allows, traveling to your farm and using the branding iron you supply. We have over fifteen years of experience in the art of freeze branding both cattle and horses, and while not every brand is going to turn out every time, we've had a great success rate with our specific liquid nitrogen process. 

Please note: It is illegal in many states to apply an unregistered brand denoting ownership to an animal. Each state has its own brand laws and registration requirements, usually charging a small separate fee. We are familiar with many of the states requirements and can help with this process. 

We get a lot of questions from people regarding the process, and how freeze branding works. In short, the difference between hot and freeze branding, is that in the former, you're actually killing all the hair follicles so that the skin appears bald. In the latter, you're only killing the color-producing part of the follicle, so that the hair that grows back comes in white. The freeze branding method has multiple advantages over hot branding, including being easier on the animal (no open wounds), and being more visible both from a distance, and during the winter with a long hair coat. Many people (ourselves included) also believe freeze branding enhances the animal's overall appearance, and it's been proven to give them a higher resale value. 

Have a white, or light colored animal? Freeze branding is still possible, you simply leave the iron on a bit longer, to kill the entire hair follicle, producing the same effect as a hot brand, but with less trauma on the animal.

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The Progression of a Freeze Brand 

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