Portable corrals

We couldn't seem to locate a suitable option for holding our horses when traveling to trail rides, mounted shooting competitions, or camp outs. The panels we found available for purchase were typically too large to fit in the spaces we had available, not built solid enough to last, were a pain to connect, or we weren't happy with the safety features. We ended up designing and building our own, and after seeing a lot of interest, we're also now offering them for sale!  Details below. 

Our rope and cleat system is both a safety feature (quickly cut the rope in the case of the emergency) as well as a safe and very secure system for joining the panels. The rope and cleat system holds the largest boats in the world at dock, and has been used for centuries, our panels are the ONLY ones on the market to incorporate this original design feature. Panels measure 7' long by 4' 6" tall. 

Flying 45 Portable Corrals come in two different sizes, are made of metal, and they have a truly original design. 

We recommend five panels for one horse, but by utilizing the special interlocking design system, you can connect pens for multiple horses, cutting down on cost and setup time. 

Typically the second horse we would recommend four additional panels, and for the third horse three additional panels. (To clarify, five panels for one horse, nine for two horses, and twelve panels total for three horses.)

We also recommend purchasing one 12 inch aluminum ground stake per panel to make sure your panels are secured down (pictured left).     We sell these for $3 each (or usetent stakes).

Our product is separated from our competitors in multiple ways, but the one that seems to be the most noticeable (besides the obvious price difference) is our innovative rope and cleat locking mechanism. We weren't impressed with the traditional pins that many designs utlilize, due to rough terrain you're sometimes setting up on, the fact that you have to keep track of multiple pins, the time it takes to set these up, and most importantly, the safety of our equine friends. Our panels are designed to set up easily and efficiently by simply securing the attached rope around the cleat, but if a horse should happen to be caught in the panels, they can be separated quickly and easily (either by simply un-cleating the rope, or by cutting with a knife). The rope is much quieter than chains, and we provide a few tips on securing with this method with every purchase, so you can be certain your horse is safe & secure. 

Please note: We are not currently shipping panels, if you purchase, you will need to arrange pickup or delivery. We are located in the COlumbia, Missouri area, and we're happy to deliver to any CMSA competitions in the Central Region, and we occasionally attend some larger events, as well. Email laura@flying45.com if you have any questions on this!