Katie S. Smith

 Katie is a current L4 Cowgirl Mounted Shooter from the great state of Missouri. She has always had a passion for the cowgirl way of life, riding, roping, shooting, leather restoration & painting. Katie has competed and trained in a variety of both english and western equine sports while growing up on the Flying 45 Ranch. She found her true calling in the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting and now devotes all of her spare time and energy to training and preparing for the sport she loves. Her dedication and hard work has paid off, and she's proven a wonderful ability to not only compete and win on a consistent basis, but also to choose and train her own horses.   

Katie competes heavily in CMSA (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association) events, on a local, state, and regional basis successfully. She shoes her own horses and accepts the occasional horse in for training as time permits. She has always believed that a truly broke horse should be a well-rounded individual, and to that end enjoys hauling to an occasional fun show to test their all-around abilities in the arena. She also does plenty of work out of the arena to keep their minds fresh

and their bodies active. 

Katie is currently a Senior at Harrisburg High School, she carries a 3.82 GPA, and plans to attend college next fall for a degree in Biology. Her other passions are leather painting, metalwork, auto body work and mentoring the youth involved in cowboy mounted shooting and other equine sports. 

Due to our unique sport and her success in it, there have been several articles written about Katie herself and our family. Click the links below to see more. 

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 Katie's accomplishments in the mounted shooting world: 

  • 2014 Missouri Mounted Shooters I-70 Shootout Reserve Overall Champion Cowgirl
  • 2014 SMMS I-70 Shootout Reserve Overall Champion Cowgirl
  • 2014 Gunsmoke Over Johnson County Open Shotgun Champion
  • 2014 Horsefest Shootout Reserve Overall Champion Cowgirl- $2,000 Added, Springfield, MO event with large crowd at Equine Expo.
  • 2013 Tony Lama CMSA World Championships, Amarillo, TX, Katie placed 132nd out of 376 shooters. She held her own at her first National Event and the single largest mounted shooting event in CMSA history. 
  • 2013 CMSA World Championship Qualifier
  • 2013 Local Circuit, Two Eyed Bueno Star (Felina, trained completely by Katie) was voted HORSE OF THE YEAR (trophy halter)
  • 2013 Local Circuit Reserve Overall High Point Cowgirl (Trophy Breastcollar)
  • 2013 Johnson County Fair Rodeo Queen.  Katie & Felina accomplished this very difficult feat by winning a high level reining pattern, complete with flawless flying lead changes. Did I mention Katie's done all the finish work on this mare? (Trophy Buckle, Trophy Halter, Crown, and assorted other prizes)
  • 2013 MRMS Hold Up in Holden Reserve Overall Champion Cowgirl
  • 2013 SMMS $1000 Added Machens Wild West Shootout Overall Champion Cowgirl and L4 Class Winner (Felina's Fourth Shoot)
  • 2013 Johnson County Fair Reserve Overall Champion Cowgirl and L3 Class Winner (Trophy Buckle and Trophy Halter, Felina's Third Shoot)
  • 2013 SMMS Summer Showdown High Overall Champion AND Overall Champion Cowgirl (Felina's Second Shoot)
  • 2013 SMMS Gunsmoke in the Coliseum High Overall Champion AND Overall Champion Cowgirl
  • 2012 SMMS Year End High Point Overall Champion Cowgirl (Trophy Buckle)
  • 2012 MFA Gunhorse Challenge $1,000 Added Boone County Fair Ladies Level 3 Winner
  • 2012 Blazin' Days Overall Champion Cowgirl & Ladies Level 3 Winner
  • 2012 Iowa Horse Fair Reserve Overall Champion Cowgirl (Lulu won this after breaking a rein in the fourth stage of this event, still ran the second fastest overall time for that stage out of 57 horses, a testament to her bond with Katie!)
  • 2012 Gunsmoke in the Coliseum High Overall Champion AND Overall Champion Cowgirl 
  • 2011 SMMS Year End High Point Overall Champion Cowgirl (Embroidered Trophy Jacket)
  • 2011 Missouri State Year End High Point Ladies Level 3 Champion
  • 2011 Kleinschmidts Shoot Out Overall Champion Cowgirl (Trophy Buckle)
  • 2011 Blazin' Days Reserve Overall Champion Cowgirl
  • 2011 Gunsmoke in the Coliseum High Overall Champion AND Overall Champion Cowgirl
  • 2010 Huzzah Valley Shootout Overall Champion Cowgirl (Trophy Buckle)