Flying 45 Horse Training

We are not full-time professional trainers, but we do take in a few select outside horses as time allows. We specialize in colt starting, but are also experienced at giving that broke horse a good 'handle' as well.  Laura does the majority of the training, although Travis and Katie may put in a ride or two on a training horse occasionally, as well. A former barrel racer, Laura spent many years starting both thoroughbred and quarter horse colts for the racetrack, and re-training ex-racehorses for secondary jobs. Laura was taught a grounded approach of natural horsemanship and common sense training from one of the legends in the horse industry, Charles 'Butch' Early, before "natural horsemanship" even became well known. She still operates under the things she learned from Butch, as well as several other high profile trainers that she's been privileged to work with. She still believes that no matter what horse she's working with, she is always learning. 

Laura now concentrates her full attention on the discipline of mounted shooting and giving horses that great start that will stick with them throughout their lives. Shooting horses generally have been taught the skills to compete successfully at almost anything, from reining to barrel racing and even pleasure or cattle classes. Wondering if your equine partner will make a shooting horse? Laura can work on desensitizing your horse to gunfire and give you the strong foundation you need to compete in a very popular and growing equine sport!
Interested in team sorting, team penning or cattle classes? The Flying 45 Ranch maintains a small herd of black angus cattle, which we work strictly from horseback. We can help your equine partner meet your expectations in those areas as well.
 We have the background and the facilities necessary to give your equine partner the best care possible.  Email Laura at or call 573-881-3833 for more details.