Flying 45 branding irons

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What's the first thing we want you to know? 

Branding can be fun, it can be simple and it will protect your livestock like no other method, past or present, has been proven to do! 

We offer traditional hot brands, as well as freeze brands, custom created to your specifications. We can offer help in the sometimes confusing process of registering, designing and creating your branding iron, and we can guide you from the concept of your personalized brand, to the application of the brand on your livestock, and everything in between! 

Our manufacturing process

Our process is truly unique, and utilizes a mixture of new-age technology and old-world craftsmanship. For every brand that comes through our shop, we create a digital, computer-generated graphic image. We then send that image to the customer to approve the exact design, make any slight changes necessary according to their specifications, and only then proceed with production. We can then export that image into almost any format needed and email to the customer for use on business cards, letterhead, tee shirts, etc. This part of the process is completely free to the customer and comes with every purchase.

After the design is finalized and approved by the customer, there are no robot cutters or computerized systems incorporated in the process. You read that right. We HAND MAKE each and every brand that comes through our shop. I know what you're thinking, it would be simple to automate the building of our brands, and take less time to do more work, but we still firmly believe in the old-world craftsmanship and the excellence that stems from loving what you do and focusing on quality over quantity. We also believe our customers recognize and appreciate that quality, and the distinct difference between our brands and other companies who seem to just desire box-store volume. If you're interested in having us hand-make your branding iron, the quickest way to reach us is via email to