Brand Design

The right symbol can tie together both the past and the future of your ranching or farming operation, and make your product easily recognizable within the industry. Flying 45 is the ONLY branding iron manufacturer that specializes in computer-generated, professional graphic brand  design. 

A Slate of flying 45 created brand designs

Our experience

When we first began freeze branding our own animals, we weren't sure what symbol we wanted to use, and we had no idea where to start. Because of that experience, we now specialize in helping our customers overcome that same hurdle. If you aren't certain what design you would like, you can simply place a $50 design deposit with Flying 45, and we'll draw up a slate of designs for you, based on your input. Brand design is always free as long as you purchase your brand from us, so that deposit amount is deducted from your total once you've chosen your design and are ready to order. If you'd like to take this option, simply email us at for info on how to pay the deposit, then let us know the letters, numbers or symbols you'd like to see incorporated! 

Design images

Once you've chosen your design, we can also provide that image to you in almost any format for use on business cards, letterhead, tee shirts, almost anything. We love helping you tie your operation together with a distinct symbol that truly represents your family or farm. 

Details on the deposit 

The deposit is non-refundable, but the designs we create are always yours to keep! Once the deposit is paid, we'll create a slate of 6 different brand designs to begin with, and then use your feedback to revise the designs until we get to the one you LOVE. We'll do up to three separate slates of different designs, and multiple revisions of the one you pick. 

Wondering about prices? 

Our brand are priced from $85 to $210 depending on complexity, with most falling in the $110 to $160 range. Because each brand is so unique, you'll need to submit a photo or drawing of your brand concept to to get a specific quote. 

All number and letter sets are created out of a high quality copper allow, may be used to both hot or freeze brand, and come with a full set of handles with the corresponding number or letter stamped in the top of the handle for ease of viewing when the brand is face down in coolant. They are priced accordingly: 

Number Sets: $175 for 2"tall, $225 for 3" tall, $290 for 4" tall and $385 for 5" tall (Note, the 6 and 9 are interchangeable)

Letter Sets: $575 for 2" tall, $650 for 3" tall, $695 for 4" tall and $750 for 5" tall