Flying 45 Branding Irons
"From concept to creation, branding made simple. "

A variety of Flying 45 designed and created branding irons.  

Photo by Lasley Photography

Flying 45 Branding Irons is a small, family owned business focused on helping protect livestock throughout the United States from theft and loss, while helping ranchers tie together their operation with a distinct brand, or logo. We aim to be a nationally recognized fore-runner in the branding iron industry, creating not only high quality, exhibit worthy works of art that are used on ranches and farms for decades, but also providing our customers with excellent graphic design capabilities. In addition, every freeze brand we sell comes with detailed instructions on our proven branding method so you can be confident when using our branding irons. We know the process and are experienced at correct application to help you get the results you want and need

We are the ONLY branding iron manufacturer that specializes in Graphic Design. We custom-create professional, computer generated brand designs for FREE for every customer. We can also provide that electronic image to you in whatever format you need for business cards, letterhead, etc. 

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"Highly recommend Flying 45!" Aleaha R., Oklahoma

"PERFECTED MY BRAND :) couldn't be happier!" Katie S., Oklahoma

"Amazing work, wonderful people...You won't be disappointed to get a brand from them!" Maryjane A., Pennsylvania

"Thank you Flying 45 Branding Irons for your donation to support Agriculture Education! With your generous support we can help students learn where their food, fiber and fuel comes from. Small family businesses like yours make this world go 'round!" IAA Foundation, in association with the Illinois Farm Bureau


"I am so in love with my brands it's crazy!! They are beyond perfect!! Thank you all for your hard work and for producing such a beautiful product. It's such a rare thing nowadays to find people that put love and effort into their work! Every inch and every detail shows just that!!" Meg M., Lafayette, LA

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